Welcome to “The Best You Can Be”

Everybody who has to perform and focus is first and foremost a human being in a social environment.  Our personal challenges or previous experiences in our professional field sometimes distract us from being as good as we could be if we had the tools to cope and put our personal challenges aside or even overcome them.

In sports or any other high performance environment it’s sometimes a matter of a fraction of a second that can determine if you win or lose or worse. Therefore it is very important to be in control of your focus and emotions.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help with this, to fine tune your skills, to help find solutions for a problem and create neuronal pathways that enable you to be the best you can without getting sidetracked.

The brain is a very powerful tool. Not only is it the control center for all your bodily and mental functions and keeps you alive, thinking, walking, talking, planning etc. We can also influence it to help you to:

  • reinforce confidence in your own abilities in your field
  • ease and overcome challenges and obstacles in sports, professional and everyday life
  • focus on your goal
  • eliminate mistakes that you keep making so that you can be the winner next time
  • motivate ourselves to be the best that we can be
  • improve our performance drastically
  • mentally influence the healing of injuries and relaxation of our muscles. (Dr David Hamilton – how your mind can heal your body)

The basis of all this is, that our brain believes everything we tell it. We can utilise this for motivation and fears in the same way to help your mind become a winner’s mind, moving forward, overcoming obstacles and achieving your vision.

Many people in sports are using this tool. Some even state that their actual techniques wouldn’t have been good enough to go for gold if it wouldn’t have been for their mindset. One example is Glenn Catley a former middle class world champion boxer who’s mental rehearsal and visualisation enabled him to beat his opponents.