About me:

Being a curious person who is and always has been working to do the best she can, I understand how important it is to being able to focus 100% on what we want to achieve and leave personal challenges or past experiences aside.

I grew up in Germany, within a nation that had the reputation of being perfectionist. This has early left its mark on me. From a young age I have felt that I wanted to help people grow and achieve their personal best. Classmates and friends came to me with the wish to help them solve their problems which I enjoyed.

My analytical thinking and training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist as well as 2 degrees in Sports Massage are advantageous to helping my athlete clients to discover how they can find their own solution to a challenge that is personal to them.

I want to help people to achieve their best on all levels with the least distraction possible as this enables them to put all their energy into what they want to achieve without having to fight their demons at the same time.